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Performance Report for Tenants 2015-16

This is the Association’s Performance Report for 2015-16. The report sets out how Angus Housing Association is performing against the Charter outcomes.
IntroductionDownload - Angus HA Perfomance Report 2016

Welcome to Angus Housing Association’s third Landlord Report. This report shows how we performed over 2015 -16 against the 16 Outcomes and Standards detailed in the Scottish Social Housing Charter.

Once again we are grateful for the time some tenants took to work with us to develop this years report and for their input regarding this years content, format and Rio Olympic theme.

Like the athletes performing at the Olympics, we are always striving to do better in order to achieve excellence. There were 42 different sports at the Rio Olympics this year and Great Britain won gold in 14 different sports. Like Team GB there are some things we excel at and others we need to improve on. Nevertheless like Team GB, we are constantly planning for the future and with hard work, determination and support from tenants, we will continue to improve our performance as Team GB did in Rio. As this is an annual exercise, why not consider getting involved in next year’s report? You never know, you might be the one who suggests next years theme.

The Report

The report sets out how Angus Housing Association is performing against the Charter outcomes. The report also gives information on some of the Association’s key indicators used to measure performance.

In order to provide some context to the figures, we have provided comparison information with The Scottish Average.

Tenants Forum

This is the Forums’ third year of being involved in developing Angus Housing Association’s report to tenants and other customers about performance. After discussions and consultation we decided to go with a Rio Olympic theme.

Following on from Team GB’s fantastic performance in Rio, we thought this would be a great theme. Although this was a record breaking Olympics for Team GB, there were some athletes who didn’t perform to their best whilst other athletes exceeded expectations. The same can be said for Angus Housing Association. There are some areas were the Association improved our performance but there are still some areas where results could be better.

As in previous years, we have been working with Angus Housing Association to improve services to tenants. It’s important to us that tenants continue to receive a good service. That’s why we are happy to report that overall the Association has continued to provide a good service. Nevertheless there is always room for improvements. As the saying goes, “Records are there to be broken”.

Our aim is to represent the views of Angus Housing Association tenants as best we can. We are always on the lookout for new members so if you would like to volunteer then why not pop along. We meet the last Thursday of the month in Russell Square, Sheltered Housing Complex in Arbroath at 6.30pm so consider joining us for a cake and a chat.

For more information on ways to get involved check out our Tenant Participation page on the website.

For more information on ways to get involved check out our Tenant Participation page or contact us on 0345 177 22 44 and ask for Linlay Anderson, the Associations Housing Manager.


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