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Angus Housing Tenants Forum

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The Tenants Forum is designed to give tenants of the Association a real insight into the running of Angus Housing Association and to have their views and opinions aired at the highest level and to be informed in advance of any changes to Policies, Rent increases and Allocation polices are all part of the remit of theTenant Forum Member - Allan Collins Tenants Forum

Meeting once a month in Arbroath, this is an ideal opportunity open to all AHA tenants to air their views to management where a senior member of management is in attendance at every meeting taking on board what is being discussed and reporting back.

At recent meetings we have had the opportunity to hear from departmental heads on such subjects as repairs and maintenance, proposed rent increases, anti-social behaviour and how to deal with it and a host of other subjects of interest to the tenants. We have had an input into the design of the Association’s Calendar, Newsletter and such matters as office hours and access.

The Forum is the place for real “Tenant Participation”.

As a Founder Member of the Forum, I have found it most interesting and rewarding and like my fellow members would like to see our numbers increase. It’s your Forum, an opportunity to have your voice heard and listened to.

We know from experience that our views are taken seriously by the Committee of Management and we can often influence policies.

The tenants forum meet on the last Thursday of every month, usually in Russell Square Sheltered Lounge. The meeting are held in the evening starting at 6.30p.m. to allow as many people to attend as possible. Don’t worry if you cannot drive as transport can be arranged if required. If you wish to attend and need help with transport please contact our Office

Oh! and yes, there is always time for a relaxed chat with fellow members over a nice cup of coffee or tea!

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