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Rent Consultation 2022-23

Every year the Board of Angus Housing Association must approve the annual budget, which includes the setting of the rent levels - the Associations main source of income.

When making these decisions, we need to ensure that the proposed budget for next year is sufficient to enable us to:

  • Cover all of our projected running costs, including maintenance of the properties
  • Carry out planned improvement works such as kitchen and bathroom refits
  • Complete upgrades to items such as heating systems, fire safety or to improve energy efficiency in your homes
  • Meet all of our strategic and operational objectives
  • Cover our financial obligations to lenders and cover the future financial projections contained in our business plan

The Board met in December and after considerable discussion, have asked me to consult with you on a rent increase of either 3.6% or 4.1%. As is the case when considering tenants rents, discussions were extensive and reflected the much higher than anticipated inflation rate. Currently inflation is sitting at 5.1% (most up to date figure based on November 2021) however the Association uses the October rate for discussion and this was 4.1%.

We appreciate that the impact of the pandemic continues, and we have tried to strike a balance between recognising that and ensuring we can maintain services, so the Association is also consulting on a below inflation rise of 3.6%. If rents do not rise in line with costs, our financial position will become more sensitive to other risks, and it would put additional pressures on the Association in respect of meeting our financial obligations and maintaining our properties. There has been an effect from the less than expected rent increase last year which has had impacted our longer-term business planning. 

In their discussions, the Board considered the increases other landlords are consulting on and the rate is similar to other Housing Associations. 

We had planned to arrange local meetings to carry out face to face consultation with our tenants on the rent review process and our proposals however due to recent announcements we are unsure if we will be able to go ahead with these. If the situation changes and we can run these sessions later in January, we will be advertising them on our Facebook page and our website. For the moment we would encourage you to complete the form below or provide feedback on the rent increase through our website. 

We had also planned for a limited opening of our Arbroath and Dundee offices to customers after the Christmas holidays. We still hope we will be able to do this however we do have alternative ways of meeting with you even with the offices closed. Our staff continue to work from home and we have the “Near Me” app so that we can meet you face to face, albeit remotely on a screen. Near Me is really easy to use and if you would like to contact us this way, details are available on our website.

Following your comments and feedback on the proposed rent increase, a report will be provided for the Board in February at which point the rent for 22/23 is set and we will advise you of your new rent by the end of February. 

Please complete the form below.  In order to be considered by the Board at the February meeting, comments should be returned to us by Monday 31st of January 2022.

Rent Consultation Form

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