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Making a Complaint

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Angus Housing is committed to providing high-quality customer services. We value complaints and use information from them to help us improve our services.

Our Complaints Handling Policy and Procedures reflects Angus Housing Association Limited’s commitment to valuing complaints. It seeks to resolve customer dissatisfaction as close as possible to the point of service delivery and to conduce thorough, impartial and fair investigations of customer complaints, so that, where appropriate, we can make evidence-based decisions of the facts of the case.

If something goes wrong or you are dissatisfied with our services, please tell us.  This leaflet describes our complaints procedure and how to make a complaint. It also tells you about our service standards and what you can expect from us.

What is a complaint?

We regard a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction about or action or lack of action, or about the standard of service provided by us or on our behalf.

What can I complain about?

You can complaint about things like :-

  • Failure to provide a service
  • Inadequate standard of service
  • Dissatisfaction with Angus Housing Associations Policy
  • Disagreement with a decision where the customer cannot use another procedure ( for example an appeal) to resolve the matter
  • Treatment by or attitude of a member of staff
  • Angus Housing Association’s failure to follow the appropriate administrative process
  • Delays in responding to enquiries and requests.

This list does not cover everything. For example, complaints may also be about:-

  • Unfairness, bias or prejudice in service delivery
  • ailure to follow procedures
  • Lack of provision, or the provision of misleading, unsuitable or incorrect advice or information
  • A repair that has not been carried out properly
  • Unacceptable behaviour by a member of staff, a committee member or a contractor.
What can’t I complaint about?

There are some things we can’t deal with through our complaints procedure. These include:-

  • A routine first-time request for a service, for example reporting a problem that needs to be repaired or initial action on anti social behaviour
  • A request for compensation
  • Issues that are in court or have already been heard by a court or a tribunal
  • Our policies and procedures that have a separate right of appeal, for example, if you are dissatisfied with the level of priority you have been given when applying for a house, you may have the right to appeal against the decision
  • An attempt to reopen a previously concluded complaint or to have a complaint reconsidered where we have already given our final decision following a Stage 2 investigation. If you are still not satisfied, you can ask the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman for an independent review of the complaint
  • If other procedures or rights of appeal can help you resolve your concerns we will give information and advice to help you.
Who can complain?

Anyone who receives, requests or is affected by our services and are dissatisfied with our service.

Sometimes a customer may be unable or reluctant to make a complaint on their own. We will accept complaints brought by third parties as long as the customer has given their personal consent. These complaints are treated in the same way as any other, regardless of who has brought the complaint.

How do I complain?

You can complain in person at any of our offices, by phone, in writing or by email

It is easier for us to resolve complaints if you make them quickly and directly to the service concerned. So please talk to a member of our staff at the service you are complaining about. Then they can try and resolve any problems on the spot.

When complaining, tell us;

  • Your full name and address
  • Tell us as much as you can about the complaint
  • What has gone wrong
  • How you want us to resolve the matter
How long do I have to make a complaint?

Normally, you must make your complaint within six months of:

  • The event you want to complain about, or
  • Finding out that you have a reason to complain, but no longer that 12 months after the event itself.

In exceptional circumstances, we may be able to accept a complaint after the time limit. If you feel that the time limit should not apply to your complaint, please tell us why.

What happens when I have complained?

We will always tell you who is dealing with your complaint. Our complaints procedure has two stages:

Stage one – frontline resolution

We aim to resolve complaints quickly and close to where we provided the service. This would mean an on-the-spot apology and explanation if something has clearly gone wrong, and immediate action to resolve the problem.

We will give you our decision at stage 1 in five working days or less, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

If we can’t resolve your complaint at this stage, we will explain why. If you are still dissatisfied you can ask for your complaint to be investigated further through Stage 2. You may choose to do this immediately or sometime after you get our initial response. We can help you with making this request.

Stage two - investigation

Stage 2 deals with two types of complaint; those that have not been resolved at Stage 1 and those that are complex and required detailed investigation.

When using Stage 2 we will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three working days
  • Discuss your complaint with you to understand why you remain dissatisfied and what outcome you are looking for
  • Give you a full response to the complaint as soon as possible and within 20 working days.

If our investigation will take longer than 20 working days, we will tell you. We will agree revised time limits with you and keep you updated on progress.

What if I am still dissatisfied?

After we have fully investigated, if you are still dissatisfied with our decision or the way we dealt with your complaint, you can ask the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) to look at it.

The SPSO cannot normally look at:

  • A complaint that has not completed our complaints procedure (so please make sure it has done so before contacting the SPSO)
  • Events that happened, or that you became aware of, more than a year ago
  • A matter that has been or is being considered in court.

You can contact the SPSO:

In Person:                        By Post
SPSO                                SPSO
4 Melville Street                 Freepost EH641
Edinburgh                          Edinburgh
EH3 7NS                            EH3 0BR

Freephone: 0800 377 7330
Online contact:

Complaints about factoring

The SPSO does not normally look at complaints about our factoring service. From October 2012 the Homeowners Housing Panel will try to resolve complaints and disputes between home overs and property factors. So if your complaint is about a factoring service, and you are still dissatisfied after our investigation stage  you will be able to go to the Homeowners Housing Panel:-

Contact Information

Housing and Property Chamber
First-tier Tribunal for Scotland
Glasgow Tribunals Centre
20 York Street
Glasgow G2 8GT

Telephone: 0141 302 5900  Fax: 0141 302 590

Care Complaints

If your complaint relates to a care service we provide, you can choose whether to complain to us or the Care Inspectorate. You can find out more about their complaints procedure, or make a complaint by contacting the Care Inspectorate.

Contact Information

Telephone 0845 6009527 Fax: 01382 207289
Online mail to:

Reporting a Significant Performance Failure to the Scottish Housing Regulator

The Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) can consider issues raised with them about ‘significant performance failures’ A significant performance failure is defined by the SHR as something that a landlord does or fails to do that puts the interests of its tenants at risk, and which the landlord has not resolved. This is something that is a systematic problem that does, or could, affect all of a landlord’s tenants. If you are affected by a problem like this, you should first report it to us. If you have told us about it but we have not resolved it, you can report it directly to the SHR.

A complaint between an individual tenant and a landlord is not a significant performance failure. Significant performance failures are now, therefore, dealt with through this complaints handling procedure. You can ask us for more information about significant performance failures. The SHR also has more information on their website.

Contact Information

Phone: 0141 271 3810

Getting help to make your complaint

We understand that you may be unable, or reluctant, to make a complaint yourself. We accept complaints from the representative of a person who is dissatisfied with our service. We can take a complaints from a friend, relative, or an advocate, if you have given them your consent to complain for you.

You can find out about advocates in your area by contacting the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance or Citizens Advice Bureau.

Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance
Tel 0131 260 5380
Fax: 0131 260 5381

Citizens Advice Scotland

Or check your phone book or online for your local bureau.

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