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Angus Housing to Mark 40th Anniversary

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To mark the 40th anniversary of its  founding in May 1970, Angus Housing Association has decided to be the  main sponsor of a Charity Dinner to be held in Dundee on June 3 to raise funds for the charity Homeless International.

Confirming the association's  decision, chairman Hazel Farquhar said: "Our Committee of Management has decided that the best way we can mark our 40th birthday is by  supporting an excellent organisation like Homeless International that is committed to improving the problems of poor housing by helping people  tackle basic problems such as sanitation, clean water supplies and power in the Third World. Homeless International Logo

"It may only be 40 years ago  that we started out but our origins are in the tiny fishing village of  Auchmithie where I am a tenant of the association. The original name of  our organisation was Auchmithie Housing Association and the primary  objective of the founders was to save the village from extinction.

"From the point of view of  the problems that had to be tackled - getting connected to the mains  electricity, the mains water supply and mains drainage - the problems  many Scots have faced in our lifetime are not so different than those  faced in Africa and Asia where Homeless International operates.

"There is a huge difference,  however, in how things have changed since 1970. After renovating many of the traditional fisherman's cottages and building new homes to make the village viable, Auchmithie has moved on, the association has widened  its aims, standards have improved and by 2012, Scotland aims to  eradicate homelessness.

"The contrast in the Third  World could not be starker. War, poverty, disease, famine and huge debt  burdens mean the vast majority of developing countries have even bigger  housing problems than in 1970 and on a scale that we cannot begin to  imagine, never mind tackle.

"It is for this reason and to remember how lucky we have been to have advanced so far that we want to mark our 40TH anniversary with a small gesture of financial support to  Homeless International.

"Our aim, in a very small  way, is to let the communities Homeless International supports know that the activism of local people in addressing big housing problems is  something we have been and are still addressing and that any community  working together to address fundamental problems of shelter, sanitation  and clean water supplies can also, hopefully, be a catalyst to bring  about other positive changes in their lives."

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